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C&A is a centrally located fabrication plant in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn. We are uniquely positioned to service all parts of the Five boroughs of New York City. Our 25,000 square foot facility is equipped with the latest computer-aided detailing and fabricating systems, which allows information to be electronically processed from engineering and drafting directly to the shop floor. The initial cutting, drilling, punching, prepping, burning and other operations are performed with the latest in steel processing machines utilizing CNC files downloaded directly from our BIM/3D models. The utilization of all available technology allows C&A to fabricate at the same pace or better than much larger shops located outside of NYC. The increase in technology and the advancement of processing machines have now put the ball back in the court of the local fabricator. We can take on structural steel projects with large tonnage and supply the entire job from a local facility in NYC.

Employment Opportunities

Seeking steel fabricators and erectors with approx. 5 years of experience. Driver's License and other certifications a plus. If interested call 718.435.4777.
Please share if you know someone who might qualify.