Our technology driven company model allows us to provide 3D modeling, BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities, and electronic drawing management. This means we can make adjustments and react accurately to the changes in your project. Traditional fabrication involves layout of the cuts, moving the beam from the drill line to the bandsaw to the coping station. It takes too much time, too much space and is prone to error. Our array of automated machinery solves those problems.

When it comes to fabrication, we utilize the most efficient modern technology. The use of a Robotic plasma beam line takes advantage of Faster cycle times, less wasted material, and a consistent end product that provides end user savings. Our fabrication facilities are also equipped with automated beam drill lines, plasma burn tables, press brakes and automated angle shear and punch lines. By matching each accessory perfectly with engineered connections, we guarantee the highest quality and most efficient project schedule possible.

The utilization of all available technology allows C&A to fabricate at the same pace or better than much larger shops that are out of the city. The increase in technology and advancement of processing machines have now put the ball back in the court of the local fabricator. We can take on structural steel projects with large tonnage and supply the entire job from a local facility in NYC.

You load the beam or part on the infeed conveyor and input the CNC program of an approved project file from TEKLA or other BIM software. At C&A we are literally fabricating the approved shop drawing and that ensures no room for deviation from engineer’s original design intent all the way to the finished structural product.

Employment Opportunities

Seeking steel fabricators and erectors with approx. 5 years of experience. Driver's License and other certifications a plus. If interested call 718.435.4777.
Please share if you know someone who might qualify.